4th Annual Legends Taking back the Streets

Date(s): August 17th & August 18th, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm (Weekend Launch event)

Location: Quest-Multi-sport Complex in Chicago, IL 60612.

Event Information

This community event is centered around how basketball has effected, changed, or saved thousands of lives in the city of Chicago for generations. This weekend is not only a celebration of what is great about the basketball community that exists in Chicago, it is also a chance for the community to come together and discuss solutions and hope for the future.

The Legends event was founded 4 years ago when Jimmy Sanders, Ken Pratt, and Howard Moore teamed up to take a stand against gun violence in the city of Chicago. These three men are all products of the Chicago Public Schools, who were also highly touted prep basketball players. All three men went on to play college basketball and used basketball as a vehicle to navigate around the traps of the streets and the perils that can follow.

This event has evolved into one of the most anticipated celebrations of the summer. It is driven by the Basketball Legends of Chicago and the young kids that they will train, encourage, and inspire. Chicago’s Basketball Legends are respected and revered by the inner city communities throughout the city. We believe in empowering our Legends by helping them continue/complete their education, receive job training, and assistance with job placement. We feel that the Legends represent a group that can be positive, direct solutions to the violence that plague our city. We encourage our Legends to help foster much needed leadership to avoid systematic violence. Our goal is to create a grassroots infrastructure of leadership through the Legends that can give back to the community and give young people the encouragement to succeed.

This annual event is committed to creating a movement for young people from the inner city to find dignity, pride, and inspiration. In addition to helping men find their way back to being pillars in the community.
Donations and financial support allows the Moore Foundation to provide mentorship programs, provide scholarships to inner city students, and provide needy families with school supplies. We will also support parents who have been victimized by senseless violence. It will also cover the expenses to assist the Legends in getting in position to be productive and equipped to lead and mentor the youth of Chicago.

The weekend begins on Friday, August 17th where we will kick off the weekend with a town hall meeting to have dialogue and to discuss solutions that plague our city. We will invite Chicago Basketball Legends, politicians, activists, police officials, concerned citizens and victims of senseless violence. On Saturday, August 18th, we will start the day with a free 4th to 6th grade basketball camp for inner city kids. The kids will be coached and instructed by the Legends. The camp will include basketball instruction, mentoring and life skills session, games and prizes for the kids. As well as back pack and school supplies given away to all campers. The Legends will have an alumni basketball tournament featuring Chicago Public League alumni teams compiled of the Legends players. We will also have our annual Legends Hall of Fame inductions where we honor Chicagoans that have directly impacted our youth throughout the years. It is coaches, referees, community leaders, and normal people who inspire.

We look to celebrate, unite, inspire, and promote all that is good about our city and the beautiful people in it. The Legends event is an organic and evolving celebration that we hope continues to grow and improve our community annually.